MakerDAO founder, Nikolai Mochigian, has been found dead in Puerto Rico

Nikolai Mushigian – one of MakerDAO’s early shareholders – was found dead at age 29 after drowning at sea in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The developer has been known in the crypto community for supporting many projects and technologies, with some calling him a “DAI Architect”.

The demise of Mushijian

Local news outlet El Nuevo Dia confirmed Mushigian’s death on Friday revealed he was “swept away by ocean currents” at Conando Beach in San Juan.

The beach’s strong currents give it a reputation as a dangerous place to swim, as it killed 8 people in 2021 alone.

According to a police report, the police were informed of Moshejian’s death on Friday morning. She said he was living in San Juan and that when his body was found he had no vital signs.

Crypto Twitter paid tribute to Mushegian’s achievements and contributions after rumors of his death surfaced over the weekend.

On Monday, MakerDAO Founder and CEO Ron Christensen He said That Maker became a “toast” without Mueshegian’s help.

“Nikolai was one of the only people in the early days of Ethereum and smart contracts who could predict the penetration potential of smart contracts and pioneered the security-oriented approach to smart contract design we know today.”

The next day, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson Favor The developer as a “very young, very smart guy” with a “deep understanding of technology”.

Mushegian was very active on social media, but he raised concern the day before his death after posting tweet about being the subject of a Puerto Rican sex-trafficking ring and that they will torture him to death. Less than two months ago, he claimed It may become “CIA suicide” in the future.

Big MakerDAO Changes

As co-creator of Tether Craig Sellers pointed On Twitter, Mushegian’s death comes less than a week after MakerDAO agreed $1.6 billion escrow partnership with Coinbase.

Maker recently too transformer $500 million of its reserve assets are held in US Treasuries and Bonds, mimicking other stablecoins in switching to traditionally safer forms of debt.

However, not all was well within the project community. The recently approved “Endgame” proposal promoted by founder Christensen split the organization in two.

The Endgame Plan is a comprehensive restructuring of MakerDAO that seeks to ensure maximum decentralization and growth over the next ten years.

“The Endgame Plan is a very poor proposition, and it’s really sad for Foxy that it crossed the signal (Ron Christensen pushed it alone in the face of strong and justified criticism)” chirp Hasu – pseudonym researcher at Paradigm on Tuesday.

MakerDAO Founder Nikolai Moshejian found dead in Puerto Rico made his first appearance on CryptoPotato.

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