Polkadex has released the Polkadex command book for decentralized exchange

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A little over a year after the launch of the Polkadex mainnet, the Polkadex order book is now open for trading. The revolutionary order book-based decentralized exchange (DEX) will be a game-changer for trading digital assets and DeFi.

In recent years, DEXs like Uniswap have changed the way cryptocurrency is traded by giving traders control of their own money. However, the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model popularized by DEXs has been plagued by exorbitant transaction fees, price skew, forward playback, low interoperability and limited functionality. Although it could be more dangerous due to potential hacks and data breaches, many cryptocurrency traders still prefer to use the advanced trading features of centralized exchanges (CEX), which are cheaper to use and offer high levels of functionality and interoperability.

“We’ve brought the benefits of both CEX and DEX together, while addressing the problems of both,” says Gautham J, CEO and co-founder of Polkadex. “The Polkadex Orderbook combines the speed, functionality, interoperability, and overall look and feel of a CEX with the security and distrust that DEXs pioneered.”

Polkadex Orderbook’s sophisticated architecture means that while it may look, feel and work like a Centralized Exchange (CEX), it remains unprotected and maintains the security aspect of DEX. Polkadex Orderbook is a unique combination of blockchain technology and TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), not only the first project to use the SGX technology substrate abstraction layer to build a decentralized exchange, but also one of the first retail instances of this. technology in general.

With decentralized layer 2 DEX security built on top of the Polkadex network, and an elegant CEX-like interface that includes advanced trading features (including limit and market orders), Polkadex Orderbook elegantly bridges the gap between centralized and decentralized trading. Polkadex Orderbook is designed for high frequency trading and is faster – if not faster than – the current CEX.

Polkadex’s order book currently supports the trading pair, PDEX/USDT, with Ethereum’s USDT through ChainBridge. Following the bug bounty program to further secure the platform, the Polkadex team will start expanding support for more trading pairs with the release of v2.0 in the next six months.

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