The crypto sector meets on the 18th of…

Among the speakers at the event we have Julian Boutalub, founder of Stake Capital Group; Federico Kunze Külmer, co-founder of EVMOS; Francesco Jorge Renzi, CEO, Superfluid; Santiago R., Investor Web3; Tascha, investor and expert in Crypto and Web3; Dato Kavazi, Co-Founder of Humanode; Dan, co-founder of Rysk; Alberto G Toribio, Corporate Relations at Crypto Plaza; Luca Mosini, Enzyme Business Development; Gaspard Pedusi, CEO and Co-Founder of APWine.

Santiago Serre, founder of Democracy Website; Mounir Benchbled, founder of ParaSwap; Eneko Knörr, co-founder of Onyze; Nicholas Barillary, CEO and Co-Founder of Nash21; Jory Armbruster, co-founder of EthicHub; Angela Kretinois, co-founder of the Token Engineering Academy; Manu Zorro, founder of Doingud; Jesus Perez, founder of Crypto Plaza, and with special intervention from Teodoro García-Egea, a communications engineer and congresswoman, will speak to us about the “crypto opportunity that Spain cannot miss.”

The event, which four years ago was Spain’s first crypto event, will have two project showcase areas, one for DeFi and Blockchain and one for gaming, NFTs and the metaverse, which will be attended by investors, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

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