A private conversation obtained reveals that Do Kwon ordered the employee to manipulate the price of LUNA

South Korean prosecutors have filed the claim that Terra founder Do Kwon instructed one of his workers to manipulate the price of Terra (LUNA). As evidence, prosecutors cited conversations that occurred between Kwon and his employee.

Some facts related to the tragic collapse of the algorithmic stablecoin Terra were further shed in a report published by the South Korean news site. axles. This article also implicates Do Kwon, the creator of Terraform Labs, in connection with the scandal that has unfolded. Kwon is already implicated in a number of scandals, and is widely believed to be a fugitive; In fact, it is now believed to be located somewhere in Europe.

According to the report, Kwon instructed one of his employees to “artificially adjust” the price of the Terra to match a certain price. Prosecutors said the basis for this allegation was correspondence conversations between Kwon and an employee of Terra.

“I can’t reveal details, but there was a chat history where CEO Kwon specifically ordered price gouging.” Said an official of the prosecutor’s office.

Do Kwon’s lawyers maintain that he is innocent

Do Kwon’s legal lawyers have never wavered in their position that their client is innocent in the events that occurred in May and was a contributing factor to the downfall of the TerraUSD (UST) stablecoin.

South Korean prosecutors alleged that Do Kwon was involved in price gouging and also revealed that he is currently in Europe. Kwon’s presence in Europe classifies him as an illegal immigrant since his passport was revoked.

The latest information about Kwon’s whereabouts was revealed two weeks after it was claimed that he had left Dubai for an unknown location. Price gouging is a serious allegation, and only adds to the current legal problem the Terra creator is currently facing, which includes a $57 million lawsuit that was discovered just last week.

Kwon is currently subject to several pending arrest warrants issued by various South Korean law enforcement agencies, as well as an Interpol red alert in his case.

Featured image via Terra YouTube.

A post obtained from the private conversation revealed that an employee who asked Do Kwon to manipulate the price of LUNA first appeared on Coinphony.

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