Rocketize launched Web3 with its meme code JATO

When the meme coin market is overrun with fake dog coins, blatant Just launched a space-themed community meme coin, JATO, for pre-sale.

Rocketize is a deflationary token built on the BNB Smart Chain and is set to explore the new frontiers of decentralized finance and Web 3.0. With the help of its open source community, Rocketize has launched a modest satellite program to support the charitable efforts of humanity among a number of other features that also accrue to its holders.

In the words of the Rocketize team: “Rocketize token will do for BSC and DeFi what Neil Armstrong did for humanity. Rocketize token will be a household name in cryptocurrency.”

What are Tokenomics for JATO?

Unlike most meme coins that suffer from an inflationary token model, Rocketise will use the burning process to increase the value of its original JATO coin. Just like burning rocket fuel, burning JATO will ensure that Rocketize can take its community to greater financial levels than most meme coins.

In addition, each JATO transaction will be subject to a 2% tax. Half of this treasure will be distributed to Governor Jato, while the other half will be burned.

How is the Rocketize community different?

Atomic Nation, the official name of the Rocketize community, is the central part of the meme icon. The driving force behind the cryptocurrency economy is Atomic Nation, which is currently working on a crowdfunding mechanism for content creators, artists, and inventors.

According to the white paper, memes represent the latest stage in language development in our increasingly interconnected society. An aspect that Atomic Nation will take to heart.

Does Rocketize Have NFTs?

Atomic Nation is currently developing an e-commerce platform that will support NFTs for meme trading cards. In addition, it will host several special NFT mining events. During these events, participants will be given an exciting opportunity to produce new NFTs.

Does Rocketize have a satellite program?

Figuratively and physically, Rocketize plans to go into space. With a small space program, the Atomic Community wants to create a comprehensive space for the development of cryptographic technologies in Earth orbit. The Token team wants to extend a positive impact on people’s lives and explore the universe.

Can users trust the Rocketize team?

There are many scams and cheats in the meme coins space. It makes sense for investors to be suspicious of any new venture. For this reason, the Rocketize smart contract has been audited by SolidProof. A well-established auditor of blockchain projects that aims to give crypto investors a good sense of security.

How can users access JATO Presale?

As with any crypto venture, it’s always wise to get in early and buy when it’s cheap.

To purchase JATO, investors must download and fund a cryptocurrency portfolio. Rocketize recommends Metamask or TrustWallet.

JATO can be bought with ETH, BNB or USDT. Once the wallet is funded with any of these coins, investors can click on Connect Wallet and exchange the coins they hold to JATO.

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