BITCOIN Supertrend is about to go green after one year! bottom in? For the indicator: BTCUSD By TradingShot – Technische Analyze – 2022-11-07 00:17:18

Bitcoin ( BTCUSD (Traded in red) bearish ) Supertrend on the 3D timeframe since November 2021, ie one year. If the price breaks above 23 kilo This highly reliable indicator turns green ( rising ) repeatedly. In particular, in this time frame, it has the highest historical accuracy.

with inflation Because that’s the reason for Bear Market 2022 so far (at the asset level), and it’s a big part of it oil (black trend line). In fact, it is often the main indicator of inflation . Very sexy engagement oil with BTC is that every time the Supertrend turns green past the bottom of the Bear Cycle, WTI oil It was already in a strong opposite direction (as was the primary trend bearish ) assembly after the bottom bottom bottom.

For ten years, this combination of parameters has always been the start of a new Bitcoin bull cycle. oil was for one Downtrend Since March 2022 but there has been a rally in the opposite direction since the September low. Could this be based on a green Supertrend reversal and a new reversal BTC Bull cycle? Let me know in the comments section below!

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