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Hello everyone and welcome to Cybernetics Trading Lab, today we will do the analysis ETHUSD Translate market information using a file Technical Analysis on different time frames, giving you a personal opinion on the possible next move in the market and helping you identify and manage market opportunities.

Technical analysis from top to bottom:
In our last predictions, we were calm bearish In this market looking at all bearish Speed ​​followed by several bearish structures.
The market has recently started to pressure and explode upwards with force and sharp Paid.
This allowed us to change our current bias and start thinking in a different perspective.
As you can see in the chart, the market shape is a file peg falling It broke higher, eventually correcting and preparing for a further upward move.

When, where and why do we enter the market?
Currently, the price has left the main structure and is holding just above it! Before entering any position, we were waiting for a deeper correction, targeting the 1800 level, an area where the previous swing high could reflect the market as a whole.
if LTF Structure failure, frustration without any confirmation, the total installation will be invalidated and no action will be taken in this market.

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