WeSleep NFTs offer “Sleepie”

[PRESS RELEASE – Vilnius, Lithuania, 4th November 2022]

The Web3 WeSleep app was launched with the promise of daily rewards for users who lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Dubbed sleep-to-earn, WeSleep uses smart tokens to motivate positive behaviors.

WeSleep is a Web3 for-profit sleep app that encourages users to lead a healthy and active lifestyle on a daily basis.

• Sleepie is a unique purchasable NFT to allow rewards, in the form of ZZZ tokens, to be generated passively while you sleep. These tokens can be exchanged for $BUSD using the in-app swap system. Or the user can choose to invest his earnings in a pool of stakes to generate additional rewards.

• Users can increase their earnings by raising their own SLICES or the same profile. Upgrading a profile will require a certain number of moons, which can be collected by completing daily tasks such as “Walking 1000 Steps”. In addition, Sleepie can increase his attributes. Each Sleepie has different attributes such as “Luck – chance to get a mystery chest after sleep.”

• Several features have been implemented to encourage a healthier lifestyle, such as increased rewards for maintaining a regular sleep schedule throughout the week.

Sleep plays an important role in an individual’s overall health and well-being. Its absence can cause countless health problems. WeSleep . co-founder of WeSleep . said Vaibhav

Apart from fitness, WeSleep also focuses on improving one’s mental health as well.

Sleep has many psychological benefits. But recent studies have now shown that following a daily routine can significantly reduce procrastination and depression. For this reason, WeSleep strives to send daily quests to its users and surprise mystery boxes that can add an entertaining game-like experience.

Obscure funds are NFTs that can include sleeping pills (other NFTs), ZZZ, and/or $WEZ. Once activated, Sleeping Pills can temporarily or permanently enhance the Sleepie NFT trait, allowing sleepers to monetize their sleep more efficiently and make the most of the dual-code system.

And if the sleeper is not willing to use any of the three NFTs, there is an option to list the NFTs for sale on the indoor NFT market. Or, instead of selling NFTs in the market, sleepers can also buy sleeping pills to improve attributes, Sleepies to increase sleep rewards, and Mystery Chests to unlock a new item.

These three core NFTs act as the engine behind the WeSleep P2E economy.

Through creativity, users can come up with cutting-edge strategies that not only maximize sleep rewards but also take advantage of the market to the fullest. For example, the user can choose to breed Sleepie with each other and produce a new Sleepie NFT.

This Sleepie helps fill and monetize any unused stock slots. By using all these subtle features, the player can do much more than just sleep and win.

Recently, WeSleep launched a private sale program and is currently accepting applications from investors who want to allocate governance tokens in the form of $WEZ.

“We have many people on board to bring this project to life, an entire development team that includes apps, smart contracts, backend and front-end, a Top 7 NFT artist (voted on Inspect), and co-founders who have successfully launched previous crypto projects like Plus Experienced advisors pointing WeSleep in the right direction.We’ve partnered to create something innovative and exciting, ultimately giving people a way to collect and earn rewards from something as simple as getting enough rest at night and leading a healthy lifestyle.Povilas Motijonas, Partner Founder of WeSleep

About WeSleep

WeSleep is a Web3 app with built-in Game-Fi elements that reward users for their sleep time as well as a healthy and active lifestyle on a daily basis, laying the foundation for an exciting approach to sleep for earning.

As people continue to become increasingly health conscious, WeSleep strives to position itself at the forefront of all health and lifestyle mobile applications.

A WeSleep post reveals that NFTs for ‘Sleepie’ appeared for the first time on CryptoPotato.

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