Cardano – BEWARE❗ Support Test❗ for BINANCE: ADAUSDT by CryptoCheck – Technische Analyze – 2022-11-08 00:25:37

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ive here. Cryptocurrency has been in circulation since 2017 and later it went into stocks. I have 3 board exams in financial markets and I studied economics from undergraduate university for 1 year. Day job – math teacher. 👩🏫

Cardano critical tests support level – Same thing as before. It was the first resistance area . This makes it an important level to watch because if we go lower, the support areas are few and far between and that could lead to another multi-month bear market. There is potential for a short setup if the price closes a daily candle below that support area At 39 US cents.

Alternatively, you can keep accumulating and cost a dollar on average until your bags are full 💰💰


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