Elon Musk urges Americans to vote Republican

Businessman Elon Musk calls on Americans to vote for representatives of the Republican Party in the US midterm elections.

That’s what it’s about Wrote on Twitter.

“To independent voters: the separation of powers keeps the worst excesses of both parties in check, so I recommend voting for a Republican Congress, given that the president is a Democrat.”The tweet says.

According to Musk, loyal supporters of Democrats or Republicans would never vote for rivals, and here’s why “Independent voters actually decide who is responsible”.

In a separate tweet, Mask clearerit’s a, Like most people in America.position arrow “Some Democratic Politicians and Some Republicans, But Not All”.

“However, if *one* party controls the executive and legislative branches, we lose the balance of power”– thought the entrepreneur.

The US congressional elections will be held on November 8.

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The position of the republicans on Ukraine

Several GOP candidates, backed by former President Donald Trump, have questioned the amount of US aid to Ukraine. They claim that the United States has more pressing domestic problems and that the fate of Ukraine is not linked to the national interests of the United States.

President Joe Biden recently said of Republicans: “If they win, they are unlikely to continue financing Ukraine. These guys do not understand. This is much more than Ukraine. This is Eastern Europe. This is NATO. These are really dire consequences”.

House conservatives say the United States needs to bolster its southern border and tackle illegal immigration before worrying about the Russo-Ukrainian war.

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