Investment bank CEO tried to warn SBF of possible collapse of FTX

The CEO of investment banking firm Jefferies Group, Richard “Rich” Handler, took to Twitter to reveal that he tried unsuccessfully to contact FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried earlier this year when the latter offered bailouts to several troubled companies.

While sharing his “personal email path” about “not meeting with FTX,” Handler open Several snapshots he sent to an unknown person asking him if he knew Bunkman Fried.

  • The emails were dated July 2022. The recipient responded by saying that he met the FTX manager once and went on to say that he was a creditor in a deal they were dealing with.
  • Handler then retracted his stance and said he had a lot of experience doing runs. He expressed his willingness to meet with SBF. reads his email,

“What he’s going through isn’t going to happen as fast as he might want and you can quickly become savior versus savior if you’re not careful.”

  • The 61-year-old American businessman even asked to send a note to the SBF for a quick lunch in September in the Bahamas, but did not receive a response.
  • Later, Handler said that “just like a broken clock, Boomer can be right sometimes.”
  • On the other hand, FTX is now waiting for a fundraiser from Tron’s Justin Sun after a failed deal with Binance.
  • The company faced a massive liquidity crunch after Binance said it would sell all of its FTT tokens. More information about the entire FTX failure timeline can be found here.

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