Poloniex launches lowest futures trading fees in the industry

Poloniex, a global cryptocurrency exchange, has improved its fee structure for perpetual contracts backed by USDT to provide clients with the lowest fees in the industry..

Starting today, the Maker and Taker fee rates for trading USDT-backed perpetual contracts on Poloniex are 0.01% and 0.04% respectively, and the changes apply to all clients regardless of their trading volume.

In addition, a new fee structure for futures traders will be implemented with an effective date of November 24th to reduce the gaps between different VIP levels. VIPs will get more discounts and perks based on their levels. The new fee structure will lower the thresholds to reach certain levels with the ultimate goal of building a fairer trading environment.

Besides the reduction in fee rates, Poloniex has also introduced a limited-time “VIP Challenge” to give back to clients so they can enjoy trading on perpetual contracts with VIP thresholds reduced by half.

When a trader registers for the challenge, the system will automatically calculate his trading volume for the perpetual contracts for the last 30 days until the end of the challenge to allocate the corresponding VIP ranks and prizes.

The first 500 participants will win a $5 bonus regardless of the trading volume. For those who trade ≥ 3000 USD, they will get an additional bonus of 20 USD. The challenge only lasts for 13 days, so we encourage clients to sign up for it as soon as possible to participate in these bonuses and a chance to win a higher VIP level for trading perpetual contracts on Poloniex.

In addition to the restructuring fee and trading challenge on Poloniex Futures, Poloniex will also launch a “VIP+1” campaign. The VIP level that users have on other exchanges will be raised to a higher level on Poloniex. For example, if one qualifies for VIP1 on another platform, Poloniex will grant the user VIP2 status instead. For more information visit https://support.poloniex.com/hc/en-us/articles/10106329839767.

Around Poloniex

Founded in January 2014, Poloniex It is a global cryptocurrency exchange to support spot and futures trading as well as leverage. With a world class trading platform, Poloniex It secured funding from His Excellency Justin Sun, founder of TRON, in 2019 to expand its international client base. Poloniex Now it provides services in more than 100 countries and regions, in different languages. year 2022 Poloniex It launched its new trading system with high speed, stability and ease of use. Collaborating with TRON, which is designated as the national blockchain for the Commonwealth of Dominica with TRX being granted legal tender status in the country, Poloniex It will constantly associate users with the power of cryptocurrency.

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