My November demo for INDEX: BTCUSD By without_worries – Technische Analyze – 2022-11-14 20:35:27

“Bitcoin is dead – come back in 5 years”

“FTX destroyed”

“It will take years for the market to recover, I told you…”

These are the messages that have fallen in my direction over the past few days.

he is Bitcoin the death? far from.
he is Bitcoin At $31,000 a dead idea? far from.
he is Bitcoin To $120,000 a dead idea?

Why so bullish? On the weekly chart above:

1) Strongest buy signal in history BTC Price action prints (not shown).

2) Strongest week bullish divergence Since August 2015 (below). These deviations are measured over a 110-day period.

3) Price action is down about 80% from its peak. look to the left. The 2018 correction was 83% from top to bottom. 2015 corrected 86% from peak to trough. Did you notice a pattern? Who cares if that extra pressure is achieved to an 80% correction or not, here’s the chance. Bear market bottoms are always the worst, be patient.


August 2015 weekly chart bullish divergence


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