The Hideaways celebrates raising $2 million as pre-sale hits halfway through

Hideaways (HDWY) is a real estate cryptocurrency platform that seeks to disrupt the industry standard model of real estate investing. Investing in traditional real estate requires a large amount of money up front and usually yields modest returns initially.

invest in stash It provides huge returns and helps diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio by providing a physical asset to back up your crypto holdings and reduce overall risk.

Reinvent the way people buy and sell real estate with The Hideaways

Many cryptocurrency investors need help getting started in the real estate market due to the large sums of money required to purchase real estate in the traditional way. Initial deposits are expected to be 10% to 25% of the property value, which may be too much for some investors.

With retail NFTs backed by tangible property, The Hideaways allows real estate investors to own a property for as little as $100 and get a return on their investment.

dugout lifted More than two million dollars To reinvent real estate investing.

The real estate market is estimated to be worth about $240 trillion, which The Hideaways (HDWY) intends to target.

It is difficult to “release” the liquidity associated with the value of the home in traditional real estate. Hideaways (HDWY) can unlock more than $240 trillion in liquidity by tokenizing real estate and trading common interests in this token.

This would push The Hideaways into the top 20 in the cryptocurrency market, due to the fees it generates.

Benefits of Investing in a Hideout (HDWY)

Investors who fear pulling the rug out will be relieved to know that liquidity will be frozen for more than 999 years.

  • Similarly, investors are protected from impromptu token sales for two years as the team tokens are locked in for two years.
  • The HDWY smart contract was audited by Solidproof at their request to reassure investors, and the results are positive.
  • The group announced that NFTs will be available for purchase, with multi-million dollar homes as collateral.
  • Besides stake, the annual passive income from these real estate earned from rental income, events and stake would be significant.
  • With NFT trading recovering, investors will be able to take advantage of higher NFT prices.
  • Investing at least $10,000 annually puts the individual in the VIP category which includes great perks.

Hideout (HDWY) It appears to be a well-executed project that offers token buyers the opportunity to acquire a token that could be among the best crypto investments in 2023.

It’s rare for investors to get access to such projects for as cheap as $0.072, so get in when the price is low.

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