A new edition of the accounting course and …

VIKAY opens enrollment in the next edition of the Accounting and Taxation Course in Crypto for Consultants

In 30 hours you will be able to learn the main points of accounting, legality and taxation of crypto assets from a practical point of view:

Tax framework
– Regulation
– coding
Interpretation of encryption events
– Jurisprudence
– Mining
Tax forms
Tax and accounting strategy
– Accreditation
– cracker
Liquidity pools
– Blockchain
Donations, fraud and losses
– NFTs

It targets professionals in the accounting, taxation, finance or banking sector who wish to get to know this new market in a practical way, with all its complexities and growth potential.

With a team of dedicated professionals to present the main topics and strive to understand this entire ecosystem and its impact on a tax and accounting level.

Limited places.

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