Linda! MASKUDT-> lysis resistance. Bullish provocation?) for BINANCE: MASKUSDT by RLinda – Technische Analyze – 2022-11-16 20:09:45

mask It shows positive dynamics against the backdrop of a global downturn. The price is making local highs and breaking through the local resistance, what do you expect next?


(Chart 1. daily timeframe . Technical Analysis )

  • On the global chart, we see a range of 3.758 – 2.103, a neutral zone for the currency, where the price could stay for some time. At local bullish lows, we can assume that there is a buyer in the market, which is also indicated by the daily RSI which is in rising region.
  • daily MACD Shows a neutral position, such as the signal line and MACD font is me rising area, while the histogram indicates the formation of a correction.
  • The daily MA-50 and MA-200 play the role of support. The cross is forming in a downward movement, which may indicate a change in trend.

On the hourly chart, we see a breakout down channel resistance f rising Paid. technical regression l support area From 3,033 formed. If the bulls can hold this area, the probability is one rising The movement will open. The short term target – resistance 3.758, medium term – liquidity area 4.400

Greetings R.Linda!

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