Self-identification platform Ziden joins AI-powered L1 Orachain

[PRESS RELEASE – Singapore, Singapore, 15th November 2022]

After exiting Orachain for DApps Accelerator Program, self-sovereign digital identity platform Ziden has joined Orachain’s AI Layer 1 blockchain system. Ziden also revealed a detailed roadmap culminating in its public launch in January 2023.

Ziden is a self-sovereign identity platform that uses zero-knowledge proof to provide verifiable certification of sensitive information while preserving user privacy. Basically, Ziden’s zero-knowledge protocol can help users authenticate their identity without having to reveal sensitive information to anyone else who isn’t authorized. Evidence that verifies a user’s identity contains no private information and is stored on the blockchain for DApps to agree without knowing any of the underlying information, hence the name “zero-knowledge”.

A Medium article describing Zyden’s accession to the Orachain ecosystem provides a practical example. The first use case for Ziden is Orachain Labs US, a fintech startup that wants to tokenize real assets, such as real estate. In any typical real estate transaction, buyers and sellers must disclose sensitive personal information such as their Social Security numbers. Ziden makes it possible to certify attributes—such as nationality, for example—without exposing any additional information to the user.

Ziden is the third project to emerge from Oraichain for DApps Accelerator. Other projects from the program include US capital market disruptor Orachain Labs (OLUS) and decentralized lending platform Orchai.

Now part of the Orachain ecosystem, Ziden has access to Eueno, a decentralized data storage protocol, cryptography, and sharing ecosystem; its own artificial intelligence marketplace; and Orachain Mainnet’s ZK Engine. Meanwhile, Ziden’s DApps Accelerator gives exclusive access to Orachain Lab’s network of DApps and partners, allowing this identity platform to discover many unique use cases within the Web3 industry at large.

Ziden also revealed its roadmap for late 2022 and early 2023. The project plans to release its white paper and public demo on Orachain Testnet later this month. In December, Ziden will launch its own ID solution with Orachain Labs US on the Orachain sub-network Orachain Pro. By January 2023, the platform expects to be ready for its official public launch.

About Orachain

Orachain is the world’s first AI powered blockchain and oracle. Mainnet 1.0 was released to the network in February 2021, and the following March saw the release of Orachain Mainnet 2.0. Built on the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Core, Orachain provides cross-chain functionality while maintaining the highest security and transaction processing speeds. Its support for Cosmos’ Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol allows connectivity to Ethereum, BSC, and other major networks.

About Zidane

Ziden is a project that aims to build a self-sovereign digital identity platform that leverages zero-knowledge proof to return control of user data to the users themselves. The platform will enable users to authenticate any piece of sensitive information without revealing more data than is strictly necessary. Ziden has a myriad of applications across Web2 and Web3, including KYC authentication, digital certificates, and Web3 identity services.

Autonomous Self-Identification Platform Ziden Joins AI-Powered L1 Oraichain Debuted on CryptoPotato.

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