Finoa merges Meta pool and launches first staking…

The alliance between Finoa and Meta Pool provides for the first time the opportunity to make honest liquid bets to investors and companies.

VenoaAnd the Today it announced its partnership with Meta Pool, the first crypto-asset custodian solution, the protocol’s leading liquid staking solution near. The partnership will allow institutions and companies to accumulate staking rewards while managing to unlock liquidity to participate in other DeFi activities. By integrating the Meta Pool, Finoa will enhance the decentralization of the NEAR protocol while meeting the security and capital efficiency requirements demanded by institutional investors.

Goals pool And theIt is the leading liquid staking solution for NEAR and wNEAR crypto-token holders on the NEAR and wNEAR protocol dawn. Founded in August 2021, Meta Pool created the stNEAR derivative, the most widely used liquid storage in the NEAR ecosystem. The partnership will expand Finoa’s offering to institutional investors, allowing them to access more DeFi opportunities, and generate additional returns on their investments.

Venoa It provides access to institutional investors and token holders to participate through a secure and regulated platform to a selection of projects in the crypto ecosystem.

Staking experience ensures optimal capital efficiency for crypto-asset holdings, and detailed reporting tools enable enterprise-level client needs to be met.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO Henrik Gebbing commented on the partnership: “We have powered the NEAR ecosystem since day one and are excited to work with the Meta Pool team to facilitate institutional participation, growth and decentralization of the network.”

Claudio Cosio, Founding Partner of Meta Pool added: “Liquidity through custodial services will bring liquidity and security to NEAR. We know that Finoa caters to both institutional investors and high net worth individuals, which is why Finoa is positioned as our key partner.”

about venoa

Finoa provides institutional access to an ever-growing ecosystem of crypto assets, with extensive asset coverage and out-of-the-box support for emerging blockchain protocols and on-demand projects. Founded in 2018 by Christopher May and Henrik Gibbing, the company offers institutional investors a full range of financial services including custody and betting. Finoa’s intuitive platform allows users to securely store and manage their assets, regardless of their level of cryptocurrency knowledge. As a regulated warranty service (§64y KWG), the company serves high-profile clients from all over the world. Worldwide, including well-known venture capital firms, crypto hedge funds, high net worth companies and individuals.

About MetaPool

Meta Pool is the leading liquid storage solution for the NEAR ($NEAR) and Aurora Network (wNEAR) token holders.

With Meta Pool, you get rewards for staking nearAnd the Maintain liquidity to participate in DeFi protocols in NEAR and Aurora. Users are installed using $NEAR and wNEAR in Goals pool sThey receive stnear tokens (staked NEAR) in return. This process resolves issues related to PoI, liquidity, immobility, and accessibility networks. The Meta Pool also distributes storage stake among multiple validators to improve the censorship resistance of the NEAR network and support protocol decentralization.

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