Linda! BTCUSD-> consolidation in the sell zone. drop? Binance: BTCUSDT by RLinda – Technische Analyze – 2022-11-17 23:15:41

The total cryptocurrency market cap is around $890 billion. These numbers show an increase of $10 billion in market capitalization. However, bitcoin dominance has decreased and is now at 36.6%.


(Chart 1. daily timeframe . global trend)

Downstream volatility Players are likely to tread carefully as events unfold.
However, Flagman is likely to lead the rally if prices rebound in the coming days.

one main resistor rising Collection:

  • – 17622
  • – 21480
  • – 22,799
  • – 25211

Recent Bitcoin price readings show that the coin is in a downtrend. The collapse of FTX may also have contributed to this downward spiral. Investors reduced their losing positions to reduce their losses and prevent total bankruptcy.

Investor reaction:

  • Glassnode reports that there are 10,000+ wallets out there BTC Stocks rose amid a downward trend
  • Salvador started to buy 1 BTC daily
  • Edward Snowden feels it with his body bitcoin bottom test))
  • Glassnode: wallets with a score of 0-1000 BTC Actively bought from the fall
  • Glassnode: Wallets with 1000+ balances on Ice


(Chart 2. daily timeframe . Technical Analysis )

Bitcoin daily chart:

  • The price is under resistance pressure from the daily MA-50 and MA-200, and the first was tested by a false breakdown, followed by a collapse to a low of $15,588.
  • newspaper MACD Shows a short walk to bitcoin and its decline to a full degree bearish Stage. The moving signal line and MACD The line along with the histogram is in the red area. The histogram starts to fade, but only while the price is down volatility during consolidation
  • newspaper RSI one appears rising After leaving the oversold area, but the price is not ready to react at the same time.


(Graph 3: Hourly chart Technical Analysis )

On the hourly chart we see a formation descending triangle . The price is in the process of reducing volatility And after retesting the resistance (upper boundary of the strong range), the price continued to consolidate in the sell zone. The main targets in our case will be support 15000 and the upper limit of the risk area for miners – 13582.

Greetings R. Linda!

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