LTCUSD By WyckoffMode – Technical Analysis – 11-18-2022 00:40:36

Welcome everyone! In this video I show how Litecoin saw a sign of E-stage weakness long before any other MARJOR Top Market Cap coin. Looks like we’ve been accumulating for a long time with Litecoin. Also, the indicators in the group of medium-term timeframes seem to be more rising Compared with the bitcoin And the Cardano And the Ethereum ; which is currently entering an E-stage distribution with a sign of weakness – or – about to enter an E-stage of weakness (ETH).

LTCUSD It has a lot of support in the $40 to $45 price range. If we see a dropdown list in LTCUSD He has a high probability of being Wyckoff fountain (Finding support between $40 and $45) Instead of another sign of stage weakness it dropped significantly below $40.

This is the reasoning behind Litecoin being one of my favorite coins that I’m collecting right now. Please consider starting to withdraw as many coins as possible from the exchange now… I have my reasons for doing so now… Please consider not having more than 5 percent of your balance on one exchange; With a broker or even in your bank for a while. The world is about to get very bad soon politically, geopolitically, financially, economically and socially.

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