Win $100,000 with BC GAME’s World Cup Prediction Event

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World Cup fever is just around the corner. With intense competition among the participating teams, the FIFA World Cup is one of the major tournaments that every sports fan is looking for. There really are favourites, and some of the leading contestants stand above the rest.

This year, the Argentine Football Association (AFA) has partnered with BC.GAME as a crypto casino sponsor. Knowing that BC.GAME offers generous bonuses and prizes, it has opened promotions for both its players and football fans. From November 12-26, 2020, BC.GAME is offering up to $100,000 in prize money for the 2022 World Cup to all winners.

who is able to join

The cryptocasino platform has opened a separate page dedicated to the water stage. Crypto casino players can participate in the campaign by posting their predictions for the winners of the upcoming football matches. All players can stand a chance to win a prize pool of $100,000.

Placing your predictions is completely free, as long as you have VIP level 4 or higher. All predictions can be completed by 11/26/2022 at 00:00 UTC. Players can still change their predictions before the deadline.

For players to win, all predictions must be correct. In any case, if more than one player has the same prediction, the prize pool will be divided equally. Only one family member can make their predictions. Players who will claim multiple prizes will be excluded from the offer.

What’s in WC 2022

Qatar is hosting the Major League Soccer this year. With the participation of 32 teams from different countries, football fans can watch up to 64 matches during 28 days of intense gameplay. As in previous years, there are team matches in the first week to determine who goes head to head in the finals.

Fans expect to see their favorite teams, such as Brazil, France, Belgium, Spain and England. These are just some of the teams with the best roster, multiple players, and past world cup champions.

Football fans are also looking for under-candidates to make their name in this year’s World Cup. Previously low ranked teams are expected to show their progress and potential.

About BC. GAME

BC.GAME is a crypto casino platform where players can earn rewards for playing online casino games, live casinos and sports betting. To join in the excitement of the World Cup, the platform has opened up a campaign where players can participate to win a betting contest or a Tesla gift (more information coming soon!). It also awards prizes throughout the event.

The crypto casino platform has partnered with the Asian Football Confederation for six months to support the Argentina national team. Partnership is not just about supporting the team. It is also an opportunity for both brands to expand their audience and earn more revenue. For AFA, this partnership is also a good time to create digital products as a second source of income.

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