BIGGEST CRYPTO CRASH IN 2022… SO ❗ FOR BTCUSDT by Yuriy_Bishko – Technische Analyze – 2022-11-19 07:48:23

Hi friends! Why pause coal BTC Is that still possible? In this idea, I will explain what we can expect in the crypto market. As the CEO of BINANCE CZ said, the consequences of the FTX collapse will be felt in the near future.

✅ So it’s better to prepare for any meltdowns that may happen soon. But first, we will remember all the significant events that have occurred in the cryptocurrency market (so far) and their impact on it BTC 2022.

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📊 Biggest collapses in 2022
1. Luna and UST collapse
The main reason for the collapse of TERRA LUNA is its algorithmic stablecoin UST . This stablecoin lost its peg to the US dollar (1:1) in BTC Dumping due to “algorithmic” technology. As we already know, about 80,000 BTC It was used by TERRA LUNA to secure this stablecoin, but it didn’t help. many holders UST , the stablecoin (❗) alone, lost about $10 billion. LUNA was in the top 10 at $100 a coin and dropped to $1.

🔥 What happened to LUNA and UST? Simple explanation on this idea!

🚩 BTC drops -33% from $40,000 to $26,700.

2. higher inflation in the United States since 1981
Because of the war started by Russia against Ukraine, the energy crisis, the effects of the pandemic, and the huge amount of money supply released in 2020-2021, inflation i united Countries began to grow rapidly. inflation It reached 8.6%, the highest the US has ever seen 40 general.

🔥 US inflation data over the past 50 years


Against this background, all large technology companies (mainly from the NASDAQ), also called growth companies, began to decline very quickly. Also popular preferred stock (CocaCola, apple , Visa, etc.), which are quite reliable assets, are starting to decline. SNP500 has also started to decline.

Where bitcoin It is a fairly young asset and traders are not yet used to an asset sharp In price, driven by fear, they push the price further.

🚩 BTC drops -44% from $31,000 to $17,700.

🔥 First of all, Binance CEO CZ tweeted that he is going to be sold FTT Because of some reasons that many traders are not aware of.
🔥 Secondly, a lot of on-chain data about FTX reserves has begun to circulate on social media. Nearly 400,000 ETH are disappearing from FTX reserves.

Most of the FTX users start withdrawing money from FTX, but as they found out later, The exchange only has $900 million of its $16 billion in reserves. Many people lost their money, but the investigation continues.

🔥 More details about FTX in the idea below!


🚩 BTC drops -27% from $21,000 to $15,600.

4. Genesis
And now… FTX-linked Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s Genesis Block has announced that it will suspend trading and shut down its website on December 10th. Genesis was also the operator of one of the largest BTC Asia Crypto Market Network.

🔥 FTX affected funds and users. Genesis affects almost every cryptocurrency business.

For those who don’t know, the Genesis started out as the first OTC bitcoin Vendor 2013 (OTC Office). Cryptocurrency lending It is the process of depositing cryptocurrency that is lent to borrowers in exchange for regular interest payments. They are now the largest cryptocurrency lending bureau.

At the top of the market, the Genesis was huge. Take a look at these numbers for the fourth quarter of 2021:
🔥 $50 billion in loans originated
🔥 $12.5 billion in active loans
🔥 31 billion dollars trade the sound
🔥 $21 billion in derivatives trading the sound

🚩Then 3AC fell. Genesis was 3AC’s largest lender, lent it $2.4 billion.

Dozens of companies, such as Gemini, use Genesis to help consumers generate revenue(s). If you’re on a centralized platform that offers yield farming, you’re probably using Genesis.

In addition, a large number of whales and organizations lend money to Genesis. Now these funds, family offices and whales can’t get their crypto back. That is why the fall of Genesis was such a big blow. They are the direct heart of the crypto market. They have money. They help generate returns for the centralized crypto platforms.

🔥As I said at the beginning, Genesis urgently tried to attract $1 billion in additional investments, but now it becomes known that they have already decided to suspend cryptocurrency landings. Be careful in the market!

🚩 BTC could drop by -24-27% from $18-19,000 to $12-13,000.

Friends, if you can “survive” now (if you are not just a card dealer :)), believe me, in the next few years you will be able to make a profit that you never dreamed of. The bull market will be very easy if you learn some lessons and learn to trade with a clear strategy and risk management.

Traders, how do you think this year will end? Come BTC A new high of $30k or a drop to $12-13k? Let’s discuss it in the comments!

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Note: I personally make an entry if the price shows it according to my strategy.
Always do your analysis before making a trade

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