LINK scored a diversified trend! FOR BINANCE: LINKUSDT by MonoCoinSignal – Technical Analysis – 2022-11-21 09:32:10

Over the past week, LINK has recorded a diversified trend for its critical support lineup. After the efforts of the buyers brought the price of this coin to a resistance band between $9.3 and $10, the simultaneous provision of profits to the short-term buyers and the selling pressure in the medium-term market forced the buyers to sell their assets. As you can see, we are generally in down channel In the weekly time frame and in the daily time frame trading area.

The floor in this area in the range of $6.2 to $5.9 repeatedly prevented the price from falling, and this support occurred again at the last meeting. But the most important thing about the last meeting is that the price breaching this range is a sign of a possible breach of this level and the possibility of a bottom down channel In the range of $4.5 to $5. Within a period of 4 hours, you can consider a downtrend trend line for any setbacks. By breaking this dynamic resistance, the possibility of short-term growth to the $7 range can be provided. Of course, provided that bitcoin At least it stays in the direction of the range and doesn’t drop further.

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