XRP Bulls raise their price target to $0.45 in hopes of a SEC settlement

While there have been no updates from the ongoing SEC v Ripple case to bear in mind, the next court date of November 30 is approaching.

Investors are hoping for a favorable outcome in the SEC case against Ripple

XRP investors hoping for a positive outcome in the SEC v Ripple case provided price support on Thursday.

A must for November 30th parties a file Brief summaries of the referee’s response under temporary seal. The public will be able to access the edited versions on December 5th.

William Hinman’s documents relating to the letter remain central to the Ripple case. Investors will want to know if and how the defendants refer to the Hinman documents in the answer.

Because the SEC has made numerous attempts to protect the documents under attorney-client privilege, proposals for the documents to enter the public domain may force the SEC to reconsider its position on the matter and seek a settlement.

Another question for investors to consider is how much weight the court will give to Amicus Briefs. Several Amicus feeds make compelling arguments, including Spend The Bits (STB), which clearly shows how XRP fails the second and third factors of the Howey test.

Overnight, XRP investor advisor John E Deaton noted on STB Amicus Brief, Such asAnd the

“If you really want to appreciate the absurdity of the SEC v Ripple case and how the case is hurting innovation, you should read the STB Amicus Brief.”

It is worth noting that neither the SEC nor the defendants will alert the markets to the settlement. With this knowledge, investors took more bullish positions ahead of the November 30 filings.

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