InvestMate | Bitcoin Still Down ₿ for BINANCE: BTCUSDT By InvestMate – Technische Analyze – 2022-11-27 13:43:17

bitcoin Still on the decline

₿ This post is a direct continuation of the previous post. Link below:

₿ My scenario has changed slightly, the trend has not changed but we are moving the target to the 0.5 area for the entire upside.

₿ the resistance area Still about the last peaks.

₿ Target lowered as the 0.5 zone seems to me likely to be captured in the next few days, barring major corrections along the way.

₿ The scenario I’m playing with is a continuation of Bitcoin’s decline to reach one support area . I will wait and see how the price reacts. I am aware of the possibility of correction at any time, this must be taken into account, if the outlook changes, I will publish a post with an update, so I invite you to actively follow the profile and read the description carefully.

₿ * Do not suggest the path drawn by the lines, this is just a hypothetical scenario.

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