Cleverminu: promoting social benefits and fair income generation

Cleverminu, November 24, 2022: It is amazing how the Cleverminu coin has managed to stay ahead and grow despite the current carnage on Monday in the crypto markets due to global macroeconomic conditions. In recent weeks, cryptocurrency prices have been plagued by being range-bound, with trading volumes and express interest On stock exchanges that plummet as requirements and search interest evaporate inside out.

The market is struggling to reach its trillion dollar valuation, however, Bitcoin has fallen to a three-month low, Ethereum is down 8% on the day, many altcoins and cryptocurrencies such as Shiba Inu, Doge, GMT and FTX , Solana, and Apecoin are also struggling, these tokens based on a big whale investor are waiting and watching for some big big whales.

However, Cleverminu continues to rise. As a community currency, the market price or growth rate is determined by the community, not by outside investors who manipulate the market for their own gain. It gives a soft landing to other crypto users with big losses so that they can cash in their community tokens and recover. The transition is easy – just exchange your existing coins for the Cleverminu code. Cryptocurrency users will benefit more from exchanging their existing tokens with Cleverminu directly rather than using the exchange platform, as they will receive an additional bonus of up to 25% based on the currency.

This is a limited opportunity Benefits for you Existing Coins from the ongoing downturn in the cryptocurrency market.

In recent months, institutional investments have drawn attention to the market as many private investors are exiting the cryptocurrency market or reducing the capacity of their investments. Therefore, Cleverminu is the blueprint many use to understand and anticipate the next steps in the crypto market. Cleverminu IMO started selling at 0.00001 and reached 67,000 holders raising nearly $13.7 million and it continues To grow in fall trends too.

One of the basic reasons for continuous growth is that it is based on the community. Cleverminu has transferred the power of independence from the hands of a few investors to the members of its community, thus ensuring that the aims, objectives and strategies of the coins are unlimited. Cleverminu is a token that prioritizes its users, and 2023 will be a revolutionary year as Minu sets the standard and direction for the token.

Some facts

  • The price has increased by more than 5,800% in 20 days.
  • the community is to blame; There is no external administrator.
  • Community interest increases price with market trends in that community,
  • Start accepting funds from different projects such as Doge, Shiba Inu and other coins such as FTX, GMT, Apecoin to raise your funds in the current downturn

What do the experts say?

Strong falls and they can fall hard with disastrous consequences Based on panic sales if current trends continue. But despite this depression, they suggest that you keep calm and stay steady, because they also expect an increase.

About community icons

There is strength in numbers, but there is also strength in unity, one voice, purpose and strategy – and this is where Cleverminu excels. Groups or segments create community tokens or coins to advertise their brands. Like a member of a club or union, the employee receives exclusive members-only benefits and is likely to receive governing rights and a fair share of the company’s profits.

However, the community tokens are a little different. Users can exchange them for other Community Tokens, divide them into multiple factions, and even own or co-own a Community with others of similar minds and feelings. You must understand the power you have with the Community Code or you will lose the benefits associated with it. Fans and followers appreciate the benefits and marketing strategies that work every time. Look at it this way. Consider selling Disney merchandise in exchange for Disney tokens; Everyone who participates in this trade becomes a community member who helps drive the brand and ensure its success. It really is a win-win situation.

WHALE is another amazing community token that derives value from a rare and precious NFT art collection known as the WHALE Vault. Since 2019, their initial prediction of $500,000 has reached over $70 million, with token holders receiving direct benefits as the value increases. In addition, they have exclusive access to Discord channels, gifts, events, and the ability to buy or rent unique art NFTs from the vault.

Many whales have their eyes on Cleverminu hoping to become part of the community because they believe it is a great investment opportunity to take advantage of this bear market.

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