DOGECOIN continued its price growth over the past week! FOR BINANCE: DOGEUSTD by MonoCoinSignal – Technische Analysis – 2022-12-03 23:23:00

DOGECOIN Its price continued to grow over the past week, with the support of buyers pushing the price to the resistance in the $0.106-$0.120 range. In this area, where a negative reaction has already been observed, there was an expectation of a price reaction. Considering that a negative divergence is forming during the 4-hour period on the chart, if the support $0.090-$0.096 is broken, the price drop could continue until support level 0.067 USD.

This is because the price trend is down during the four-hour period. However, due to the rapid entry of the price into the corrective wave and the decline that continued until the indicated support range, the price of Dogecoin It can take on diversified direction. The Ichimoku The super indicator is also above the current price, confirming the resistance bands. Therefore, we expect a trend of a range of from this week Dogecoin .

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