The latest wave of mysterious deaths in Crypto

Tiantian Colander – co-founder of cryptocurrency firm Amber Group – has died unexpectedly in his sleep at the age of 30.

The bear market has negatively affected his company, which had to lay off about 10% of its staff earlier this year. In addition, the Amber Group recently revealed that it was an “active commercial participant” in the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX. It is still unknown if his death had anything to do with the aforementioned events

However, he is not the only one who has had similar beliefs lately.

Colander’s strange case

The crypto community was recently shocked by the unexpected death of Tiantian Kullander, also known as “TT”. The Hong Kong businessman who previously worked at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Die In his sleep, he is only 30 years old.

The sources did not provide information about the place of his death or whether he suffered from certain diseases, which logically sparked speculation.

His company – Amber Group – was valued at close to $3 billion, but, like many others in the industry, he took a hit because of the crypto winter. The eviction Almost 10% of the total workforce in September to cut costs during difficult times.

“We are currently reducing low-priority jobs due to market conditions and increasing staffing in high-priority roles,” Colander said at the time.

Additionally, the Amber Group had some kind of relationship with collapsed crypto giant FTX. the device open Earlier this month, it was not exposed to Alameda Research or the previous SBF exchange. However, he was an “active commercial participant” on FTX.

However, with severe restrictions on exposure to individual trading venues, this represents

Many of Colander’s colleagues expressed their condolences to his family. Annabelle Huang, Managing Partner at Amber Group said:

“I lost a dear friend who changed my life, among other things, in ways he didn’t realize.”

The Amber Group described TT as “a respected leader, devoted husband, loving father and fierce friend.” The cryptocurrency company added that his death was “a tragedy and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

Tiantian Colander, Source: MARCA

Taran helicopter crashed

Another mysterious death is Vyacheslav Taran. The 53-year-old Russian lost his life after the helicopter he was traveling in crashed in Switzerland. The accident occurred in good weather while another passenger decided not to fly at the last minute.

The Ukrainian news agency UNIAN alleged that Taran was a “crypto-billionaire businessman with possible ties to Russian foreign intelligence”. Some reports indicated that he may have been part of a spy agency and was responsible for “laundering Russian money through the system of cryptocurrency operations.”

The billionaire has a wife and three children and has lived in Monaco for ten years. Libertex – the trading platform he co-founded – expressed the team’s “deepest sympathy and sympathy” to his family.

Mushegian was also found dead

as such encrypted potatoes Reported earlier this month, Nikolai Mushegian drowned at sea in San Juan, Puerto Rico, after swimming in a very dangerous area.

The developer’s death came just a few days after he posted a tweet insisting that “the CIA, Mossad, and the Queer Elite are running some kind of sex trafficking racketeering ring from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.” He also claimed that these devices would “torture him to death”.

The cryptocurrency community reacted quickly, with some suspecting that his sinking could be murder. A Twitter user who used the initials “Smoky Bear” said:

“He tweeted 4 days ago about the toast of the CIA, Mossad, Albedo and fearing for his life… he was found dead yesterday. Not on msm…and of course they spread “little” rumors about his mental health. The Bedouin elite is real…why Epstein killed himself.”

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