Are you deficient in the sun? You may want to think about what is at stake

  • Solana’s transaction fees have declined in line with its growth activity
  • Solana also lost interest from the contestants

According to Solana, transaction fees have decreased over the past year new data with a token terminal. It said , After the collapse of FTX, 946.66 thousand SEK were charged in fees over the past 30 days. Of that amount, $473.33k was paid to SOL actors, a number that’s down 41.3% over the past year.

Thus, this decrease in revenues could have a negative impact on Solar.

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Much is at stake

according to Betting bonuses, the number of actors on the network decreased by 0.46% in the past month. As of December 3, there were over 577,000 actors on the Solana Network.

Source: Staking Rewards

additional, Solanas Development activity decreased very significantlywith Encryption protocols such as Cosmos [ATOM]Kusama and Uniswap [UNI] outperforms him.

Solana NFTs to the rescue

amidst all this chaos, SolanaThe saving grace has been the growing NFT market. From the image below, it can be seen that the volume of Solana NFTs has grown significantly despite the bear market.

However, the total base price of the Solana NFT has dropped. In addition, according to Solana floorAnd the The number of NFT traders has decreased from 16k to 1.8k in the past 3 months.

It’s only good that Solana continues to grow the NFT amid all the external conditions and R&D.

Source: Solar Earth

SOL data at a glance

activity on Solars The network has dropped sharply, along with the number of network transactions. According to information from Dune analyticsReduced the number of transactions on the network from 42 million to 25 million in the last four months.

Source: Dune Analytics

On December 3, SOL was trading at $13.57 as its price increased by 0.20% between December 2 and 3. Moreover, its market capitalization dominance has decreased significantly in the past seven days, by 7.32%.. finally, Solana captured 0.67% of Total crypto market.

However, at the time of publication, SOL was trading at $13.45 and has seen a 1.38% decline in the last 24 hours.

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