DOT had good price growth last week! Binance: DOTUSDT by MonoCoinSignal – Technical Analysis – 2022-12-04 03:38:17

The Department of Transportation has had good price growth over the past week. Given that the price has bottomed out down channel In the $5 range on the higher timeframes, we saw the formation of a Double bottom Pattern and price return above $5.4 range. This pattern, which is clearly recognizable during the four-hour period, confirmed the breakout of this resistance pattern as the neckline of the pattern formed in the $5.4 range.

In the same timeframe, we can expect further growth up to the short-term target range of $6 by considering the upside. trend line last time interlocutor And even this dynamic support is fully preserved. The trend is still bearish Until the $6 resistance is broken. There is a possibility of forming a larger double bottom pattern during the day, between $5.10 and $5.30 support level can be good support area to reconsider the request.

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