ConsenSys updates MetaMask, Infura privacy policy after community disapproval

ConsenSys has released several updates and clarifications on how it stores user data after the crypto community retracted the company’s privacy policy last month.

The cryptocurrency industry rebounded in November after reports that the company’s core products, metamask and Infura, which collected user wallets and IP addresses. However, ConsenSys was quick to point out in today’s note that these disclosures were not a departure or change from its current policy, but rather were “only intended to provide greater transparency.”

ConsenSys is one of 22 strategic investors in Decrypt.

Notably, ConsenSys reported today that it plans to delete user data after a week, stressing that data collected through crypto wallet MetaMask and infrastructure provider Infura is never sold to third parties. The type of data collected includes users’ wallets and IP addresses, but only when they make transactions (rather than just checking account balance).

MetaMask users will soon have the option to select an alternative remote procedure call (RPC) provider instead of the default Infura.

“There are many good reasons why users want to use different RPC configurations, particularly hosting their own nodes, and we’ve always believed that part of the value we provide lies in the user’s right to leave our offerings,” reads today’s announcement.

Starting next week, users will be able to choose their own RPC providers and opt out of other services implemented to improve user experience.

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