Maxine Waters does not play with the SBF. He says it is necessary for him to attend the hearing

After the controversial interview between Sam Bankman-Fried and journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin at the New York Times DealBook Summit, the SBF received a friendly invitation on December 13 from Congressman Waters to understand what happened during the FTX crash.

However, the SBF declined Waters’ invitation, saying that he did not feel it was the appropriate time to appear before the committee to explain all the events that led to the bankruptcy of FTX, the second largest crypto exchange in the United States.

According to a tweet exchange between Waters and the SBF, the former FTX CEO stresses that he is confident that “FTX US has been able to deliver on its commitments.” The SBF said that all US customers can be made complete, adding that it is confident that FTX US can still fulfill its obligations.

The second time was not very pleasant

On December 5, Waters went from thanking the SBF to asking him to appear at the 13th bankruptcy hearing for a platform that has injured more than a million people.

Waters can’t seem to buy into the SBF story. She told the SBF that his role as CEO, as well as interviews he conducted in person and on the phone, despite numerous warnings from his attorneys, indicated that the information he had was sufficient to be used as testimony. She was crystal clear in her latest tweet

So the SBF will have to confront regulators to explain with evidence how he ran a company that achieved a valuation of more than $32 billion in bankruptcy in a week.

The billionaire has a personal wealth of more than $24 billion, which is one of the largest wealth of cryptocurrency investors. However, there are still some unanswered questions regarding SBF’s personal wealth and its perception of how it handles its clients’ money.

Crypto fans describe SBF as “cynical” and “sociable”

Some media outlets, such as Fortune, called SBF a “delusional sociopath” and said his interview was filled with lies and whining as a way of expressing a persona created for the media with the intent of conveying pity rather than guilt.

“[The interview was] A 45-minute show of delusion and sociopathy as the disgraced founder of FTX whines, rants, and does nothing but admit responsibility for this year’s financial crimes.”

Elon Musk was a billionaire chirp that SBF should be a “time out for adults in the big house and move on.” Similarly, Mike Novogratz said in a an interview He told CNBC that the SBF should be given a prison sentence for his role in the company’s collapse because in his last interview he “gloated about what happened and was guilty of it.”

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