XRP price volatility is likely to increase as the SEC rises against the uncertainty of Ripple

SEC v Ripple tensions and US economic indicators test buyers

There have been no updates from the ongoing SEC v Ripple case to impress, leaving XRP in the hands of the broader crypto market.

The news that China is easing covid-19 restrictions provided support. However, US economic indicators and the Nasdaq Composite Index weighed in the afternoon session.

While external market forces had an effect, investor concerns over the SEC v Ripple case added more pressure on the price of XRP. After the summary judgment response summaries are filed, investors are in a wait-and-see mode, with the possibility of a court decision at any moment.

The lack of talk of a settlement added to investor anxiety as uncertainty grew over the outcome of the SEC’s case against Ripple. We expect increased volatility in the price of XRP in the near term, with the next court date on December 22nd.

On Friday, Amicus Curiae attorney John Deaton spoke about the SEC, its intentions, and the potential impact on XRP and the broader crypto market. With investors becoming more anxious, the comments likely contributed to the volatility increase.

John Deaton He saidAnd the

Six months ago on Fox Business, I said Gensler would sue one or two exchanges for selling unregistered securities. I think so, more so, today because it could cause another 50% crash. Then the dominant operators take a bigger share.”

The SEC v Ripple talk will continue to influence today. The US economic docket is on the lighter side, leaving investors with little distraction from the continued decline.

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