Is Bitcoin Still On Course To Gain $10,000 Before A 300% Rally?

Above $18,185 leads to my alternative forecast

However, since financial markets are probabilistic in nature, there is always the possibility that an individual’s initial predictions may be wrong, WhichWhen markets break above or below certain price levels set by EWP rules. * Thus, one must always have an expectation of an alternative available. As I found last time,”BTC needs to break above $18,185 and then above $21,475 to tell us that the downside has already completed in a somewhat unconventional way.

At the moment I think it is less likely.“Since BTC has filled the projected path and reached the primary target area in the last 17 trading days, I still think this option is less likely compared to my base prediction, which is why it remains my choice.

* This is no different than making an actual trade. One has a basic expectation that the trade will be profitable. Otherwise why place a trade!? But at the same time, you have a certain price level – the stop-loss level – below (or above, if you’re in a short position) the buy price where you know the trade is wrong and should be abandoned: the alternative. We also always hope that the trade will be profitable, but we know for sure, not all trades are consistently profitable. If one understands that trading and forecasting markets using EWP primary and alternate options are the same, then the void levels set by EWP can be used as stop loss levels for trading. How simple and elegant.

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