Lucky Mystery Box offers a TRON-based lottery of $1 million

The platform offers five Blockchain HASH games, Odd Even, Perfect Partner, Combat, and Cow Mystery.

Lucky Mystery Box today announced the launch of a Crypto lottery on the TRON network. Blockchain game is completely fair, transparent and results are immediate as the results cannot be controlled or manipulated by a third party. The platform currently offers five games sizeAnd the Double singlesAnd the The perfect partnerAnd the fighting, And the Cow secret box.

The team is also working on several other games that are being tested. The platform offers a total prize pool of $1 million which can be verified on TRON Explorer.

How does Lucky Mystery Box work?

  • Lucky Mystery Box works on the basic principle of Block Hash which is generated after every crypto transaction, which is really a unique identifier and cannot be verified by third parties.
  • The platform determines the win/loss based on the unique rules of each game, which are determined solely by the generated Block Hash.

how to play?

Lucky Mystery Box offers Intuitive Blockchain Lottery Games (TRC-20) that one can connect to and play at the touch of a button.

The steps are simple like this:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website (mobile web application)
  • Step 2: Create or restock a TRON (Decentralized / Web3) wallet with enough TRX for gas fees, which is mandatory for every transaction. The platform recommends major Web3 mobile wallets such as HyperPay, ImToken, TronLink, BitKeep, etc., which apparently support TRON DApps.
  • Step 3: Find the platform URL in the TRON wallet browser and connect the DApp. From here you are ready to start. The entire process is confidential and no personal information is required.
  • The fourth step: Players can now select any game and start the game mode process. Each game has its own rules and bonus allocation mentioned in the game room. One can play in small amounts with a minimum of $10, with different limits set for each game.
  • Fifth step: The result is fast and instant (profit/loss) as it is built on Blockchain, thus no third party is late to make your instant deposits within seconds. Most importantly, the process is fair and transparent hence no fraud is possible thanks to Blockchain technology.


One can also play even without connecting a TRON wallet which is an extra layer of player privacy. The steps are simple like this;

  • Step 1: Visit the official website –
  • Step 2: Choose any game and read its rules carefully.
  • Step 3: Each game has its own official and unique TRX betting address. So, transfer your desired USDT/TRX (Trc-20) to the mentioned address. At first, you can try with a small amount as an experiment. Regardless, the official betting address is safe and secure to facilitate the security of funds.
  • The fourth step: After completing the transaction, find the Block Hash on the TRON Scanner. If it matches the game rule, the respective bonus (in the ratio of 1.98X or 1.95X) will be reset automatically and immediately from the prize pool. Sounds simple? Indeed it is!

Blockchain makes lotteries fair and transparent

Lucky Mystery Box promises to ensure transparency and privacy for players through its public ledger that is accessible to all participants. Players are assured of transparency as Block Hashes are generated randomly through the decentralized blockchain network and cannot be tampered with. As a Blockchain game, all records are transparent and traceable.

The total amount of money that can be distributed among the winners is also clearly stated. Players can always check the prize pool at any time to avoid troubles about collecting money.

In addition, the platform provides a leaderboard that, without revealing personal details, shows the winners in real time, daily, weekly and monthly. Most importantly, players’ accounts will be added automatically within 3-12 seconds of winning.

Exclusive customer service and community

The platform provides exclusive 24/7 customer service for players to resolve and respond to any issues and inquiries that may arise. In addition, there is one-to-one effective communication channel with customer service to speed up problem solving whenever needed.

In addition, players can join the Telegram community ( to discuss and ask questions at any time.

About Lucky Mystery Box

Lucky Mystery Box is the world’s first TRON-based decentralized crypto lottery platform and DApp running on the basic principles of Block Hash generated during each TRC-20 transaction.

The platform introduced five Blockchain HASH games with a defined set of rules whose outcomes are highly transparent, fair and traceable to everyone on the TRON explorer.

Lucky Mystery Box instantly deposits the rewards/cashback from the prize pool into the winner’s wallet within fractions of seconds, the process is fully automated without any third party checks.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be taken as news/advice

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