Mimic Shhans wins the community vote on KEY3.id, the .minic DID available for minting

KEY3.id, a decentralized name system based on the Ethereum chain Blue-Chip NFT domain name voting campaign on December 5th and created a huge social buzz in several Blue-Chip NFT communities. After 4 days of intense competition, the Mimic Shhans community ranks first with 1059 votes, making Mimic DID available for minting immediately.

The second vote begins at 20:00 (UTC+8) on December 8 and you will continue to collect votes after the previous vote count. The current top ratings are .mfer, .punk, and . doodle. All Blue-Chip NFT holders and .did domain users are eligible to vote, and those who voted in the first round will be able to continue voting in the new round.

According to the official announcement, domain names associated with the Blue-Chip NFT will be supported not only by BitKeep Wallet and Game Space App. Mimic but also .bayc and other domain names associated with the Blue-Chip NFT will be able to use the BitKeep wallet to access 70 different main chains, with more than 220,000 different cryptocurrency assets and to store and manage NFTs. Blue-Chip domain names can also be used for token recognition, sending, transmission, social networking, airdrops, and other Web3 scenarios.

Corey Park, CEO, KEY3.id He said, “After the successful launch of .bayc, we are excited to announce that .mimc is now available for DID performance. The active community participation and intense competition we’ve seen from the first vote means that people agree with the value of the crypto-asset token.”

Mimic Shhans NFT holder says, “One of the most valuable features of domain names associated with the Blue-Chip NFT is the Asset Bound Token. It can not only provide NFT holders with known DID but also guarantees the reliability of your DID and truly represents the asset as a DID Your (origin as identity) With this added value, I can now prove that I am the true owner of the NFT

Asset Linked Token (ABT) is one of the main features of KEY3.id’s token DID style. ABT NFT tracking, which makes DID a more serious problem, cannot be traded separately, and once the NFT is transferred or traded, the corresponding DID will also be destroyed.

Game Space CEO (Michael Cameron 6669.bayc) and former Huobi Global CEO 0xLivio (2883.bayc) both created .bayc domain names and changed their Twitter account names accordingly. Cameron quote.bayc combines the uniqueness of short digit domains with the numerical characteristics of boring monkey and can only be claimed by BAYC NFT holders, which can effectively reflect the origins of DID holders. .bayc is expected to soon become the most sought-after DID, and may drive up the price of BAYC NFT, especially for those with large numbers. “

Currently, KEY3.id will, by community vote, support DIDs for 20 other domain names associated with the Blue Chip NFT such as .punk, .doodle, .mfer, etc. With DID still rising in popularity even in a bear market, domain names associated with the Blue-Chip NFT have a high potential to break the cycle. It should be noted that the vast majority of NFT PFP pools are numbered, especially those of Blue-Chip NFTs such as BAYC, Azuki, Clone X, Moonbirds and there is only a steady supply of 10,000 distinct four-digit domain names, so originate as PDP Your schizophrenia is not only rare, but also worth collecting.

Kory Pak added that domain names associated with the recently released Blue-Chip will support throttling of public chain addresses such as BSC and TRON, which will make it much easier for users who regularly transact to and from “on-chain wallet exchanges.”

At this point, .bayc domain names and other premium Blue-Chip NFT domain names are supported by Bitkeep Wallet and Game Space app. Soon to be coordinating partnerships with KuCoin Wallet, iToken Wallet, Bybit, Coinhub Wallet, ONTO Wallet, Assure Wallet, Element.market and other industry leading wallets, DeFi, exchanges, DAOs and more to build a membership network for DID. section.

About KEY3.id

KEY3.id is a distributed, open and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. .she did is the first DID launch of KEY3.id, which aims to provide users with a free Web3 decentralized identity with free to claim, free to renew, and free forever features. KEY3.id also supports DIDs for 20 other domain names associated with Blue-Chip NFT, including .bayc, .mfer, .mimic, .doodle, .moonbird, and so on.

Twitter: https://bit.ly/twmimic

disharmony https://Bit.ly/dsmimic

Average: https://bit.ly/mdmimic

website: https://KEY3.id

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be taken as news/advice.

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