Linda! BTCUSD-> Are Bears Putting a Bullish Lead Again? FOR BITSTAMP: BTCUSD By RLinda – Technische Analyze – 2022-12-09 20:16:28

It finished correcting in the middle of the local uptrend near 0.5 Fibonacci level, after which the lead strengthens to 17296, forming consolidation at the key level.

The price overcomes the resistance density and enters the unloading area at profile size. The price is basically entering the area without resistance and bitcoin It can reach the area of ​​19,000 very quickly in a quiet environment


The price is going up price channel . Fifth Elliot A trend wave is forming, and the expected end of the movement is resistance price channel .
The prerequisite for the price to continue rising is consolidation bitcoin Above the level of 17223, in which case the possibility opens to 17592 and it reaches 18000. In the medium term, I will wait until the price approaches the level of 18271 and the Fibonacci level of 1.618.

But the global trend is bearish There is no accurate confirmation of the bottom formed yet. We must be careful.
When the prices consolidate below the level of 17223, we can see a drop to the Fibonacci level of 0.5 (16711).

Greetings R. Linda!

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