KISS FM and Ultraverse City bring live radio to the Metaverse

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UltraVerse City and KISS FM are proud to announce a partnership to bring live radio to the Metaverse. In the first crossover of its kind, this partnership will add depth and immersion to virtual worlds, connecting our movements in the multiverse with familiar voices.

What is Ultraverse City?

Ultraverse City is a collective virtual shared space, which forms another aspect of the Metaverse. Participants can own parts of this world and can develop their digital assets to create value for other players integrated into the platform.

With a vision to create realistic and immersive virtual worlds, Ultraverse City will form a sandbox where our understanding of the Metaverse will be explored and developed. Designing virtual reality spaces is a new skill, and one that requires a new way of thinking. Using the Builder tools in the Ultraverse Marketplace, participants can create worlds they want to see and interact with people from all over the world.

Journey to Ultraverse City

Some of the ways Ultraverse City attempts to change user perception include but are not limited to:

  • To change relationships into reality
  • To make connections with people they haven’t met in person
  • To improve education and increase knowledge
  • Reduce isolation and loneliness
  • Allowing anything and everything imaginable to be explored
  • Provide new ways to earn money and do work

Ultraverse City has many areas, each with a trading tower and other landmarks that can determine the price of land nearby. The main tower contains nine areas that will only be purchased by pre-purchase. A whitelist conception can be obtained to enter the private sale, where the Mystery Box model will be used to sell the land itself. The city map is presented on the official website and is very interactive. After connecting the system to Metamask with the BEP20 assets in the wallet, the desired location will be located with a super map of the city.

Meanwhile, some features of Ultraverse City include:

  • The first 24/7 live radio station in collaboration with KISS FM
  • Bulletin board for advertising agencies.
  • Choose chat and user photo.
  • Free ride to the city for everyone without any fees.
  • Explore the city without VR/AR restrictions.
  • Virtual real estate opportunity.
  • The NFT market is completely easy to use
  • Very low cost thanks to Binance Chain.

Register today and be an active part of the living and breathing virtual space that is Ultraverse City.

About Ultraverse City

Ultraverse City is an open community virtual city created through the convergence of physical and digital virtual reality. Physically defined and provides enhanced immersive experiences.

KISS FM and Ultraverse City Bringing Live Radio to the Metaverse debuted on CryptoPotato.

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