Ripple: Why Settlement With The SEC Could Be Disastrous, Says US Congressional Candidate

  • A prominent US politician gave his opinion on the Ripple-SEC settlement
  • Charles Hoskinson also agrees with her about the potential negative repercussions

After rumors of a confrontation on December 15, US Congressional candidate January Walker believes 2024 ripple [XRP] Giving up would be a mistake on the part of the company.

According to Walker, Ripple will not be the only party affected by the purchase. She noted that the global cryptocurrency system and the world at large could also feel the impact.

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Fight till the end to avoid accidents

In a follow-up to her tweet, Walker said the two-year-old case could have been handled better with appropriate legislation. She acknowledged that the United States and relevant regulatory agencies did not handle the issue well, she said,

“The world is watching the actions of the United States, and how the government treats one of us takes precedence over how it treats us all. Instead of fighting each other and claiming one group is better than another, we need to work together for the right legislation.”

Many of the comments followed Walker’s opinion. For some, it was the deal Better than losing. But the answer is from the American candidate reflects her faith That Ripple was not in a position to lose the target due to impartial reasons.

The long-running fight has yet to see a resolution, though unconfirmed reports are making the refereeing rounds from 2023. warning its potential community SEC Action that may destroy the token.

Moreover, Walker was not one to tend to disastrous results from a potential settlement. Outright Cardano [ADA] Its founder, Charles Hoskinson, shared a similar sentiment.

The CEO of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain project was among the first to warn against the speculation. on the 12th of December YouTube sessionHoskinson told listeners he expects the payments company to see the case through. He also said that the settlement would lead to serious consequences.

For XRP, it’s all about winning

Although one pillar to another was discussed, XRP weighed 2.34%. a plus. On the XRP/USD daily chart, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) confirmed that buying of the token was not flat at 44.97.

Since the RSI was not close to 70, there was no overbought. Given that it was closer to 30, it indicated that XRP had recently exited the oversold area. Moreover, it was partly behind the downward momentum.

Source: TradingView

For Bollinger Bands (BB), the volatility was neither sharp nor constant, as shown above. Since the BB was basically lower, it means that there is a tight trading pattern for XRP. With the price approaching the lower bands, the BBs aligned with the RSI indicating that XRP was not completely out of an oversold state.

Meanwhile, Ripple and its CEO Brad Garlinghouse have not officially commented on the settlement speculation at the time of publication. Nor does the SEC or Ripple’s general counsel, Stuart Aldrotti.

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