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Don’t miss this Thursday, December 15th roundtable entitled “Investment, Digital Assets, and Real Estate” organized by the Crypto Assets Committee for Women in the Legal World (WLW). It will involve representatives of the main players in the ecosystem in this real estate sector converges with the token, and will be moderated by the Chairman of the Cryptoactive Commission, RocĂ­o Alvarez-Osorio.

The round table will include interventions from:

  • Danny Mikel, real estate financial advisor at Deloitte.
  • Gabriela Roberto, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at Nash21.
  • Carla Castillo, COO of Reental.
  • Jose Maria Oliveras, Partner at Finreg360.
  • Yael H. Oknin, Founder and CEO, TokenCity.
  • Jimena Campuzano, property registrar.

Women in a Legal World’s mission is to help WLW members, corporations, financial institutions, and investors understand and apply one of the greatest technological innovations of the century within responsible policy with legal certainty.

Token City, co-sponsor of the WLW event, is the first Spanish marketplace to provide the complete technological infrastructure and expert advice for managing token assets on the blockchain (crypto assets) backed by economic assets from private companies, allowing financial assets to be digitally transferred securely and without intermediation for corporate use. asset managers and investors.

An event sponsored by Crypto Plaza, RSM Spain Law Firm and Token City.

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