The Bitcoin Philosophy, Presentation, and Talking…

Today, Wednesday, December 14th at 6:30 PM, in Crypto Square, we will have “The Philosophy of Bitcoin” author Alvaro D. Maria, who will present his book and speak with Jesus Perez, founder of Crypto Plaza.

“The work deals with the influence of bitcoin on a theoretical and historical level, focusing on what this currency is, what money is, and why bitcoin has specific qualities that represent a revolution in this field. In addition, it exposes and delves deeper into the analysis of the crisis of two ideas: the currency associated with the assertion of political power and the state , focusing, among other aspects, on redefining property rights.

Alvaro tries to bring the reader closer to the world bitcoin, and showcasing all the revolutions involved in this currency, such as achieving digital scarcity and not relying on third parties. And he does it in a gentle and pleasant way, without losing the richness of the book’s form and content, with references to quotes from other works as well as tweets.

We invite you all to attend this talk at Crypto Plaza, c / Méndez Álvaro 9. In addition, anyone who wants can buy the book there, as well as meet the author in person.

We are waiting for you!

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