Bitcoin ‘bullish’ strange dragon pattern for BITSTAMP: BTCUSD by noble1ones – Technische Analyze – 2022-12-15 20:24:35

Technical Analysis It is more of an art than a science due to the fact that patterns of living are not always textbook perfect for the eye. We must be flexible when it comes to “designing” patterns because we remain students while applying the “rules and guidelines” (standards).

This particular example would serve as an excellent example because of the flexibility required to recognize the “hump” of a dragon model. This is one of the patterns from which I got my second future bitcoin Target around $21,500, based on the peak of the Dragon Pattern Head. Usually, the price will eventually end up inside the area of ​​the head of the Dragon pattern. So “art” is design, and “science” is standards.

Also note that the top of the Dragon Head corresponds to wave ‘e’ above the middle wave of the Triangle 4 a day before the CEO of Binance CZ decided to reveal the lack of liquidity in the forex exchange Twitter . I mentioned the medium wave 4 triangle in an issue I posted titled: bitcoin EW number chart from the start (Part 3)

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