Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin: Elon Musk Bans Putting Twitter On ‘The Road Of Tyranny’

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is sounding the alarm about the latest wave of Twitter censorship unleashed by Elon Musk, saying the site’s barrage of account bans in recent days puts Twitter on a “path to authoritarianism. “

In response to a post praising Musk, Buterin said Musk implemented a strategy he calls “central planning as overreach,” in which Musk introduces policies that “seem to align with Elon’s vision for very specific situations.”

The latest wave of censorship began when Musk banned the @ElonJets account, which tracks Elon’s planes, as well as @CelebJets, which tracks the private jets of many celebrities. These bot trackers retrieve and re-publish publicly available information, which is legal in the United States

But Musk saw this as a threat to his personal privacy and security and went so far as to block the personal account of Jack Sweeney, the creator of the Twitter program on Elon Jet. Then perform the catch quickly New Twitter policy Which bans all “any tweets or accounts that share a person’s direct location,” with the only exceptions in connection with “a crisis situation to assist humanitarian efforts or in connection with public sharing.”

The ban comes as part of a back-and-forth effort to limit live location sharing despite Musk’s previous statement that he would not ban Sweeney’s tracking account as “.freedom of expression. “

When a user responded that Musk was simply “responding to system input” by implementing swift bans on these tracking accounts, Buterin objected to such a rationale.

“Acting” quickly and decisively in response to catalysts “when the action in question prohibits things is the path to tyranny,” Buterin He said.

Buterin also criticized Musk’s censorship of links to Mastodon, a rival social media site, calling the move “really nasty.” It’s not clear why Mastodon links are currently banned, though Mastodon’s official Twitter account has similarly suspended sharing links to its version of the “ElonJet” account.

Twitter did not immediately respond DecryptComment request.

Many Twitter users seem to be against blocking accounts for already sharing users’ public locations. In a poll created by Musk with more than 3.1 million votes, 59% of voters He said such accounts should be removed “now” and not in a week as Musk suggested.

What kind of Twitter does Buterin prefer? One that attempts objectivity rather than applying personal biases and experiences — and one that doesn’t censor competing sites.

Buterin said: “A good policy must first be decided behind the veil of ignorance, and then implemented.”

He also suggested that Twitter provides users One month notice before any new content moderation rules go into effect.

“Things have to be blocked slowly and with a lot of bumps despite the greater damage that results from this kind of approach,” Buterin said. He said.

While Buterin is clearly against Twitter’s sudden and swift ban, he doesn’t necessarily favor celebrity planes being tracked.

“The concern is that the decision-making style in this ban is very consistent with the behavior of the previous Twitter management, against which people rightly rebelled,” Buterin said.

This is not the first time that Buterin has criticized powerful world figures for their behaviour, which he sees as authoritarian. Earlier this year, Buterin voted Reverse put it in“zombie system”, the war In Ukraine, and El Salvador likewise He said “It’s not a very democratic government” and “it actually has a lot of problems.”

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