The Orbeon Protocol is forever revolutionizing venture capital

The Orbeon Protocol is revolutionizing venture capital by making it more accessible to everyone. The decentralized investment platform brings startups and investors together, simplifies the fundraising process and provides a new way for investors to access opportunities in early stage projects.

The pre-sale of the Orbeon protocol has been a huge success, with the price of the ORBN token skyrocketing The project successfully completed the first and second phases and entered the third phase of pre-purchase.

The Orbeon Protocol platform is designed to provide a secure and transparent way for investors to connect with startups. The platform also offers a number of features that simplify the investment process, such as the “fill or kill” mechanism. The mechanism will refund the investors’ money if the project does not reach its financing goal.

What is behind this success?

The Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) facilitates the purchase of fractional NFTs based on equity in the project. This will change the old way of raising finance for a company and build a group of investors around it.

for less than $1Ordinary investors can enter the field of venture capital and invest in early stage opportunities. Before the Orbeon Protocol, only ultra-wealthy and multi-million dollar venture capital firms could invest in early-stage companies. The Orbeon Protocol enables every investor to make these types of investments now.

Orbion Protocol Ecosystem

Orbeon Launchpad It will allow projects to raise funds and launch several block chains simultaneously without problems. Content creators will be able to raise money and bring people in at the same time.

Orbeon Wallet It allows users to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies and NFTs in one place using Orbeon Wallet. The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of Orbeon Wallet is high quality and easy to use. Users will be able to start using cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies without any issues. The wallet will be decentralized and will give users direct access to the Orbeon exchange.

Orbeon Exchange It will serve as a launching pad for companies looking to start funding rounds.

Orbeon swap It allows users to trade various cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Initially, private and public token exchanges will take place on it. Anyone using the Orbeon protocol ecosystem will be able to participate in the public exchange.

European Metaverse You will create Web3 virtual worlds and metaverses, connect to them and work with them as partners. Orbeon will focus on decentralized governance, non-fungible assets, interoperability solutions, and augmented virtual reality.

Orbeon Token $ORBN

The Orbeon ecosystem runs on $ORBN. Orbeon Token holders will get various benefits such as voting rights, access to funding rounds, and lower trading fees. Orbeon has a total supply of 888,000,000 tokens, but only 40% is available for pre-sale to the public. ORBN price is in action now $0.0302 per token.

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