Warner Music Group continues to push the Metaverse with digital X fashion startup

Warner Music Group continues to create Metaverse Alliances with startups, this time a deal with DressX — which creates digital fashion clothing both on and off the blockchain — was announced Thursday.

Through the partnership, Warner Music artists will be able to create and license digital wearable goods to fans. The items will be wearable 3D virtual clothing or augmented reality (AR), and can be viewed on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, according to the statement.

Warner’s wide array of popular artists across its various sub-labels includes superstars such as Lizzo, Madonna, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What remains unclear is the extent to which encryption and NFTs You can enter the game through this very transaction. However, the poster penned it as another example of a Web3 partnership, so there may be as yet unannounced NFT components.

WMG is also investing in DressX as part of the deal, though the amount was not disclosed. Oana Ruxandra, WMG’s Chief Digital Officer and EVP of Business Development, explained that the company’s interest in DressX stems from the belief that life is going more digital.

“It will be just as important to represent our future digital selves, and if you measure by the sheer volume of interactions, perhaps even more important than how we represent our physical selves,” Ruxandra said in a statement.

DressX founders Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modernova created the company in 2020 with the goal of “giving a wardrobe to every person in the world.” In July, DressX became the first digital brand to launch digital wearables Meta Avatar StoreA move that didn’t sit well with some Web3 purists.

The DressX alliance is wrapping up a series of Web3 shows for WMG in 2022. In January, WMG said it will host virtual concerts with its artists in sandUpcoming Ethereum-based metaverse game A month later, the company announced a partnership with gaming company Web3 Splinterlands To develop artist-themed blockchain games for the masses.

Recently, WMG has continued its slew of Web3 partnerships by partnering with OpenSea NFT Market To help artists get into the space and plan their music release NFTs via the upcoming LGND platform on the polygon.

Despite the hype surrounding Web3’s digital fashion, which includes drops of Historic fashion houses And the Countless startups are alikeNFT outfits have yet to generate much mainstream interest at this early stage in the metaverse’s evolution.

But the popularity of handheld digital devices in Web2 gaming already has precedents. Roblox, the popular game block and Proto-metaverse platform popular with Gen Z gamers, recently said that more than A billion digital fashion items It has been sold through its platform so far in 2022.

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