Bitcoin: Why Good Things May Not Come to Everyone Who Waits, Especially When BTC…

  • The updated on-chain information revealed that over the past five years, BTC holders have plunged into losses
  • However, the case of bitcoin reflects an undervalued situation

Over the past decade, Bitcoin has [BTC] It has remained one of the most profitable assets to hold despite a series of price declines. Although, this may not be the case anymore for the active traders of the King coin that I have been holding for the past five years, especially since the average profit hit neutral territory on June 9th.

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According to Santiment, the fight for a long-term revival now faces another challenge. This was because the on-chain analytics platform agreed with the Reddit post that five-year-olds are now losing money.

To put in the exact values, Santiment revealed that the average return over the period was -34%.

There is no help available for immersion

In addition to declining loyalty points, bitcoin has also collapsed in its total payout for compensation. Glassnode data revealed this at press time range in profit It was 10.71 million bitcoins.

According to the information displayed, this is a decrease from the value of November 7 even in the wake of FTX ProHaha. As a result, BTC Trade below $17,000, meaning his price was less than the value the average holder had collected.

Source: Glassnode

However, there has been a short-term reprieve for equity holders since two analysts I suggested Bitcoin’s bottom was either at or very close. Meanwhile, BTC may find it difficult to extricate its holders from the aforementioned double dip.

Elsewhere, Bitcoin’s long-term trading has been subjected to distortions. This was because data from Santiment showed that the five-year currency distribution retired و to 14.15 million. One explanation for this condition was that the show was not at its peak. In addition, the coins used during the spell refused to change hands several times.

In the shorter period, it’s been a see-saw race for long-term investors who rarely trade their holdings. At the time of writing, the 365-day passive trade is down to 737. The simplification has translated into a refusal to sell in the face of falling earnings and a harsh market climate.

Bitcoin sleeping trading and trading for five years

Source: feeling

When will the rest period return?

Bitcoin’s volatility eased and disappeared into very low areas. But the information is available at the time of publication specific That increase was modest at 0.02. In particular, a rise in the volatility index, if it continues, may indicate a buying opportunity.

However, the same situation is often accompanied by market fear. Therefore, it might be best to tread carefully before acquiring BTC. As for the z-Score market value to realized value (MVRV), Santiment showed that it fell to -0.216.

Without going too far, this score provides an assessment of the state of undervalued or overvalued BTC relative to its market value and has been achieved. In her site, she portrayed a potential opportunity to find a buying strategy.

Bitcoin price volatility and MVRV z-Score

Source: feeling

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