Cardano Founder Stops Discussing XRP Citing ‘Vicious’ Community Attacks

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson has announced that he will no longer talk about Ripple and its parent token XRP, citing violent attacks from the community.

According to Hoskinson, the attacks stemmed from his post in the ongoing Ripple and Securities Exchange Case (SEC), in which he is accused of collaborating with the regulator, he said during a December 16 webcast.

In this context, Hoskinson previously stated that sources close to the matter informed him that the case would be closed on December 15th. However, the schedule was not met, and Hoskinson noted that he was once again attacked by the XRP community, accusing him of being a liar.

Hoskinson, who also serves as a co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), noted that the attacks were unprovoked and that he was on the side of Ripple.

He noted that over the years it has become difficult to deal with the XRP community, hence the decision to stop talking about the project in general.

“I was accused of lying and again accused of creating a flood and a catch. I don’t know how to interact with the XRP community, I think my statements have always been very measured and supportive.”

he added:

So from now on, I will not answer any questions whatsoever about XRP under any circumstances. I will not mention the project; I will never talk about anything that happens after there is a solution to the XRP issue. I will not discuss it even if asked in the future. I will simply say no comment.”

Hoskinson on Ripple support

Hoskinson stated that he supported Ripple’s initiative to mainstream the cryptocurrency sector and that he was tired of being on the receiving end when commenting on XRP.

Meanwhile, Hoskinson noted that conspiracy theories related to his involvement in the case “don’t make sense,” indicating that it is time to end his involvement with XRP.

It is noteworthy that the XRP community has continuously attacked Hoskison after noticing that the SEC case was ongoing due to the lack of clear regulations in the crypto sector while the token is not a security.

As Coinphony reported back in October, Hoskinson expressed frustration with the continued attacks stemming from his comment, stating that Ethereum “may have been given a pass because, as some believe, some delegates were somehow swept up in a great wave of corruption.”

Meanwhile, both XRP and the SEC have filed their final filings as legal experts continue to predict the likely outcome of the case.

Watch the full video below:

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