COCOS/USDT. pump. backing down. Pricing area. Binance: COCOSUSDT by SpartaBTC – Technische Analyze – 2022-12-17 10:55:27

Logarithm. The time frame is one day. local trend. Sweetened wedge formed after the impulse. The price is crammed into the corner. There will be a chapter in the near future. The risk/reward ratios of the major reversal areas are displayed.

Coinmarketcap manipulation of capitalization (market signals)
A strange error occurred today. This crypto ended up being the 6th most capitalized on coinmarketcap. Why was this made of this resources Can only guess. Let me remind you that coinmarketcap is currently owned by Binance Exchange after the acquisition.

main direction From this Binance cryptocurrency. The time frame is 1 week.


This local area is highlighted.

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