Bitcoin BTC price will try to start a bullish trend in a month for WHITEBIT: BTCUSDT by P_S_trade – Technische Analyze – 2022-12-18 15:11:31

The last trading week was very hot. Many regulators in the world’s economies summed up the results of 2022 and set priorities for 2023.
However, it is BTCUSDT The price moved quite predictably

At first we saw the breakdown of sell orders, now we see a logical correction price.
Also in this idea we have rewritten CPI And FOMC – The Fed Funds Price and How It Affected Cryptocurrency Price Movement If you are interested, you are welcome! :

Today we bring to your attention a possible scenario for BTCUSD price action.

On the chart we have depicted one fractal According to which the price may move in the next six months.
The key point is that in the next month and a half we can expect a weak consolidation of BTC Award
Then in late January – early February 2023 – the breakout pushed higher.
Further upward movement at least until mid-May 2023 and the establishment of a maximum in the $44-45K range.

If you are wondering what the red, yellow and green lines on our chart mean, we invite you to read our global idea again.

Bitcoin price bottoming out?  Then the growth target is $355,000

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And what will happen to altcoins in the meantime? BTCUSDT Price for a month and a half consolidation?
It is very likely that altcoins will begin to selectively “hold off”. This is also a very important element in the emergence of a potential growth trend in the future
After all, if, after more than a year of a downtrend, they finally start to bounce back, it would show investors that the market has come back to life.
And if the market starts to come to life, you can start pumping out money.
Then continued growth: more new money – more pumps – everyone starts bragging about how much %% they made = more new money, and that’s the start of a whole growth trend.

And by the way, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization is now moving in the fractals shown in the idea above. Maybe everything is in its infancy, it will be much more interesting!)
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