Bitcoin 2023 Forecast for BITSTAMP: BTCUSD by fract – Technische Analysis – 2022-12-19 15:38:06

Personal statement about the upcoming annual period of bitcoin .

  • We have 2022 ending in less than two weeks. The beginning of 2023 should be regarded as a half period of manual accumulation of BTC .
  • We may have more downside attempts due to the continued declines in global indices. This condition can be seen when the price crosses channel 0 down into the lower green area.
  • But the most average state of the market will be fixed year on year, because the large quantities of long orders and volatility Gradually, as the middle of the year approaches.
  • We may also experience a rapid breakout to complete a rollback from the 2022-2023 total collapse (0-5 EV). But the real rush of rally fueled by the halving story will flare up in late 2023 and early 2024. Then the bears will be dumped out of the market as we already have several attempts to drag the price lower. When the trader’s collective mind sees the many failed attempts, then the market will feel more comfortable executing long trades.
  • There will be many opportunities for short-term trades within the breakout area.

Personally, I’m going to target the opportunities on LL for all of my series of long hand-guided long entries over these 52 weeks.

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